There is a difference between emotional needs and spiritual (soul) needs. Sometimes they are aligned with each other, but more often than not, they are in conflict.

Emotional needs are things like: comfort, security, peace, connection, approval, accomplishment
Soul needs are things like: growth, self-expression, making a difference for others

We are human beings, so it is good to take care of our human self…… but not at the expense of our souls. The problem is, when we are not on a spiritual path, it is difficult to distinguish human needs from soul needs. And the real problem is that our human level needs are INSATIABLE, never enough, more-more-more. There’s a saying that epitomizes this, “You can never get enough of what you don’t need.”

Have you ever noticed that when you experience something that you like, need, or desire, that it’s never enough? Such as having so much fun at a party you don’t want it to stop, “just one more bite” of that delicious cake turns into another slice or two?

As spiritual beings, we learn to turn that insatiable desire into devotion, an inner journey, and a connection with Spirit.

The urge to create, express, and evolve is useless without an object. If you’re on a spiritual journey, that object is your inner nature and your experience of God in everything. If you’re not, the object becomes anything: food, material items (cars, houses, things), money, power, fame, you name it.

In the 12-step program, this is called “putting non-God things in a God-sized hole.”

If you find that you’ve been searching for fulfillment and are still feeling empty, it’s probably because you’re trying to fill soul needs through human things. Try turning inward. That’s where true fulfillment is found.