Relationships are our greatest teachers. They help us to grow, become strong, and be the best we can be by showing us where we need to change. There’s a great saying, “Relationships are like pouring Miracle Grow on our character defects.” This is good news! How can we improve if we don’t know what needs to change?

Couples, singles, work situations, friends and family – it’s all the same. Our internal beliefs, fears, and feelings guide our external actions, experiences, and results. They determine the success or failure of the relationships we have with others. Inner distortions create the pain we experience, and inner strength creates joy. So, the removal of obstacles not only helps us to find our true self, it results in a life of love, peace, and powerful connections.

  1. Dating: I teach single people how not to be single any more by showing them how to date successfully and make better choices in the partners they pick.
  2. Couples: I help couples improve communication and connection, leading to greater satisfaction and deeper love.
  3. Divorce: Sometimes the right thing to do is move on. Coming to that conclusion, going through the process, and picking up the pieces to create a new life – and do things differently the next time around – often requires guidance and support.
  4. Work: Difficult bosses, challenging co-workers, uncooperative employees. Learning to work through difficult situations at work is natural part of life and an opportunity for growth.

The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships.
And, what determines the quality of our relationships? The quality of our relationship with ourselves.
You must be good with yourself before you can be good with others.