The X-Y Factor: How Gender Impacts Communication

Let’s face it — men and women are designed differently, and those differences cause issues in our communications. Worldwide, most societies share similar standards of gender-role behavior. While many have tried to bridge the divide, there is still more work to be done.

In this inspiring and informative presentation, The X-Y Factor: How Gender Impacts Communication, you can discover ways to deal with the underlying causes of tension between men and women. You will learn that while gender-based behavior was appropriate for human survival back in our cave days, now it can be problematic. See how defaulting to the inner caveperson in relationships creates unnecessary conflict and hardship.

You too can manage the X-Y tension by understanding how and why it happens. Then, once you have the tools to gain awareness of, and work with, these instinctual patterns, you can transform human interactions into ones that delight rather than divide.

Join Patty in embracing the natural design of men and women:

  • Learn ways to interpret and work with our inherent human design to achieve productive, enjoyable relationships and avoid disappointment, conflict, and resentment
  • Become a high-quality listener and communicator
  • Improve effectiveness, satisfaction, and partnership at work and home

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Testimonials for Patty’s Programs

“Patty spoke at the Commerce Club’s Working on Your Now: Women in Business Breakfast Series in January. She did a fantastic job on the topic, Live Your Vision – Unmask Your True Authenticity. The audience was captivated by Patty’s straight talk combined with her engaging humor and wit. Her message made the audience more receptive to accepting change when she said, “ If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” She encouraged participants to be bold and stay confident by giving clever take-aways on how to face their personal fears. Patty received the highest rating of 10 and everyone is looking forward to an encore presentation. I also had the honor of having Patty as a guest on my podcast recently. She is an awesome interviewee as well as a fantastic speaker! ”  – Lori Beard-Daily, Chief Now Officer of Working On Your Now

Thank you Patty for speaking to our Atlanta chapter of the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance. We really enjoyed your talk. In fact, all the survey responses I received from the attendees gave you a 5 out of 5! You were entertaining and articulate, and your material was helpful and informative. It was a very successful evening. – Nancy Thompson, Program Chair of AFWA

Patty was a true gift to our company.  After attending one of her classes, I brought Patty in to work with our leadership team to address some important challenges we could not manage alone.  With a fresh and balanced perspective, she helped bring awareness to unhealthy patterns we had created and gave us tools to better manage and create a happier workplace.  A few months later, Patty presented her unique and insightful approach to our entire staff.  We received very positive feedback about the session and have routinely seen her work in action.  I often hear people in the hallway using key terms and concepts from the work she shared.  In fact, we’ve recently been through some major organizational changes and have all had the opportunity to apply what she taught us in a real and meaningful way.  I highly recommend her sessions to any organization in need of growing and changing in healthy, balanced and positive ways. – Bonnie Block, Group Director of Client Services, Nurun

I highly recommend Patty Farinola. Over the years I have invited her to speak for several different organizations and have been more than pleased each time. Patty never disappoints.  She connects beautifully with her audience, her style is interactive and energetic, and her content is educational, useful, and highly impactful. People are always excited about how much they learned and the new insights they gained from participating in her programs. – Linda Zuk, VP Programming, ABWA  |  President, Focus Five Consulting

Thanks so much for speaking to NAWBO.  I received LOTS of positive feedback from women in the room.  It was a wonderful presentation! People are still talking about the things they learned. We would love to have you back soon to continue learning and practicing these important skills. – Andrea Borden, Past President of NAWBO Atlanta

Thank you for being our keynote speaker at the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting. The information you gave us on making your relationships work for you was just terrific! Our members were impressed with your presentation, and I know everyone will be able to put into action some of your suggestions. I look forward to having you speak to our group again next year! – Debbie Rodkin, Executive Director, RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS

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