For those on a path to health, happiness, success, and wholeness, a clear connection with one’s Higher Power is an essential component to achieving those goals.

However, we cannot go any higher than our current definition of our Higher Power. Therefore, to increase the inner power and awareness that leads to a more joyous life, we must adjust our understanding – of ourselves, life, and God.

For many, the religions they once knew, those of their upbringing, are somehow not as helpful or fulfilling as they once were. For others, there is an unnamed emptiness, a general sense that something is missing. This is an indication of the need for a new level of understanding and awareness. With a little guidance, it is possible to find a  new path, new growth, new joy.

I work with people of all faiths who wish to deepen their connection with Spirit. I also offer a group workshop that is designed to provide new meaning to the spiritual journey. Please join for the next Serenity, Power, and Freedom class.

Patty Binns Farinola
The Awareness Studio

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