Finding Strength in an Uncertain World

Next Program Starts: Wednesday August 14, 2024 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

  • Dates: Aug 14, 21, 28 – Sep 4, 11, 18, 25
    • You may attend even if you know you will miss some sessions.
  • Where: In person and Zoom
    • 2531 Briarcliff Road, Suite 217 — Atlanta, GA  30329
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  • Tuition: $265
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About the Class

Would you like to have an inner peace that keeps you from being upset and disturbed by difficult people and situations? Personal power that allows you to overcome life’s obstacles and push forward to new and greater levels? Freedom to choose how you live your life instead of being trapped in dead-end jobs, relationships, routines, and situations?

The SPF factor in sunscreen protects us from the harmful rays of the sun, and a mindset of Serenity, Power, and Freedom can protect us from the craziness of life in the 21st Century. This course synthesizes a unique combination of concepts pulled from general psychology and modern spirituality. It offers new perspectives that provide clarity, purpose, inner strength, and the ability to move ahead in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and change. This gives you the ability to embrace your life’s journey and the freedom to experience more joy, power, presence, and inner peace along the way.

  • Eliminate common blocks to personal power
  • Reduce negativity and limiting beliefs
  • Explore spiritual concepts that deepen faith, clarity, and peace of mind
  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose in life and a stronger sense of self
  • Transform loneliness, frustration, and anxiety into strength, power, and positive experiences
  • Develop higher awareness and intuition for inner guidance on life’s journey



“The Serenity, Power, and Freedom series delivered personal growth and introspection as well as a deeper connection to my work as a therapist. I was looking for connectivity and resources for personal growth and what I found was transformation. I found new levels of strength, humility and freedom and the ability to become  “unstuck” through comprehension of the levels of my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. I see how this could benefit my clients, too. Patty is the conduit if you want to move forward personally and professionally to expand your journey into freedom and power! I highly recommend taking her courses – or referring your clients – if you are truly looking to transform your life, have an impact on your client’s life, and empower the world around you…..take this series! Thank you Patty and I cannot wait for the next course you release”. – M Archer, MSEd, LMHC, LPCC

“SPF was inspiring! We think we know so much about life. This class confirmed that and gave me even more. It was a new lens that clarified and enlarged my perspective. I find myself behaving differently in ways that are better than before without even trying. Stronger, calmer, happier. SPF was a game changer for me. I didn’t think I would get so much out of the class.” – Shiva V, Realtor

“I knew I had work to do to get better and stronger. SPF helped me get much clearer on what I need to work on, where I’m headed, and how to get there. The class helped me put labels on things I knew were there but had not been able to identify, such as feelings and issues and opportunities. I have been applying what I learned and am seeing big changes in myself and my life. This has me feeling more confident. I have a sense of direction, a sense of hope, and a sense of purpose that I didn’t have before.”    – Elizabeth N, Student

“I took SPF to gain a better understanding of the spiritual studies I am currently in. I was hoping the additional input would broaden my perspective. Not only did I get that, but I came away with a better handle on my life as well. I am able to manage my reactions to difficult situations much better than before. I took the second course, Living a Spiritual Life, to continue and deepen the work I started in SPF. I learned more ways to implement the concepts and grow from the lessons that come my way in life. Overall, I am a stronger person. I don’t live in “woe is me” so much anymore, and I no longer feel as though I’m drowning in my problems.” – Kathy S, Teacher

“This class was so helpful! Before SPF I was really hard on myself – putting too much pressure on myself, being too critical, telling myself I wasn’t where I was supposed to be and that I should have done things differently. I have now found an inner peace and contentment that I did not think was possible. I see that it isn’t as hard to change my life as I previously thought. I’m nicer to myself, I have a greater enjoyment of my life, and I’m seeing new avenues of opportunity opening up. It really works!” – LS, Hospitality Industry

“I took SPF because I wanted a fresh start in the new year. I have been to Patty’s classes before and was ready for more! My intent was to do something nurturing for myself, something that would bring me more peace, and that’s exactly what I got. I find I’m less reactive and more grounded, which is helping me be more connected in my relationships, more present, more compassionate, and more gentle. I am also noticing an inner strength that has helped me to be better at my job – a better teacher and public speaker. I’m looking forward to the SPF Part 2!” – RM, Professor

“The Serenity, Power, and Freedom class really helped me get back to myself. In the past year, life had a way of dragging me down and prolonging my distress and upset in every day life situations. The tools and the different way of thinking that I learned in class really helped create an “Aha!” moment and helped me to realize the power and light within myself. I feel much more at ease, calm, and centered then I ever did before. I really understand the meanings of the words awareness, freedom, and fear now. I love that I am now on the right path and look forward to sharing this awareness and joy with everyone that crosses my path. I am beyond thrilled that I have discovered this spiritual connection within myself.” – EE, Architect

“Thank you so much for all your help over the years and for the SPF class. I’m seeing tangible results, and for first time in many years the universe is delivering everything I’ve been asking for. Even though drama surrounds me and in the past week I have had many challenges with many personalities, I am finally beginning to get it. “It” being, how to act like a drama-free adult. I still have much work to do, but the light bulb is really beginning to shine and I am eager to continue to grow my awareness!” – Name Withheld

“I’m so glad I took your class. It really has prepared me to take on anything. It helped build my confidence, and I’m fulfilling dreams that have been in my heart for a long time. Life is better than ever! Thank you!” – MC, Digital Marketing Specialist

“I’ve been attending Patty’s classes since 2005. They’re so good I keep coming back for more. Much of what I learned in SPF I had experienced before, but this class elevated my understanding and awareness more than I ever expected. It went much deeper and richer than my previous studies. I was coming out of a difficult work situation and rediscovering myself. SPF shifted my relationship to my entire world! I am now living more from my true self and experiencing more freedom. I am less judgmental about myself and experiencing more self-love. SPF has made living my life so much easier and has opened new doors that apply to so many areas of my life.” – CT, Senior Technology Manager

“I attended SPF after hearing about it from a co-worker of mine. I saw the difference it had made – her life was transformed! I was hoping to get some of that for myself. I did! … and so much more. The class changed my perspective, how I look at myself and my life, in ways that have given me more confidence, strength, and power. My day-to-day experience is smoother, easier. I’m more attentive and aware, and responding more effectively to things that used to catch me off-guard or knock me off balance. I am in the midst of some major transitions – a new job, engaged to be married, trying to figure out my career path and my way in the world. I was feeling lost and unsure, but not anymore!” – ED, Digital Marketing Strategist

“For me this class provided a solid foundation for my restart on spirituality. I am able to integrate this new information with what I already believe to create anew. SPF’s combination of education and methods for becoming a stronger person helped me better define and know myself. It helps people who are both strong in their faith and also people who are trying to find their spiritual voice. As an addiction therapist, I can see any type of client benefiting from SPF.” – LD, LAPC

“SPF opened my mind, my heart, and my soul in such a beautiful way. I see that there is so much more to life than my day-to-day existence … and my day-to-day fears. The class taught me to look at the problems, stresses, and worries in my life in ways that have given me so much freedom and power. This awareness was life-changing for me, and I feel a whole new sense of direction and purpose. I feel grateful every day for this gift of new understanding and peace. Patty, you are an angel in human form, I cannot thank you enough for the learning.  It is huge for me. I am so appreciative.” – AA, Senior Manager, Human Resources

“Thanks to your class, I am now seeing things from higher perspective as if a part of me is now standing back and watching all of the inner activities. I can smile at them without judgment!  Isn’t it wonderful to realize how powerful each of us is in our own way?” – LR, CHt, D.D.

“SPF helped me get back on a spiritual path. I had become disillusioned with that aspect of my life and didn’t know how to get it back. The class gave me renewed hope in spirituality, more peace and strength, and a feeling of purpose and connectedness – the things I would hope to gain by having a spiritual program in my life. I also see the benefit for my clients, for anyone discouraged or disillusioned with their faith background, anyone feeling lost, like a piece of the puzzle is missing and they don’t know what they are looking for, anyone searching who can’t find the answers – this class could help them. SPF adds to the therapeutic journey by bringing in another aspect of healing.” – SN, Therapist

“Thank you for sharing such a beautiful journey and tools with me. I really enjoyed your class, and most important I am so grateful for the natural connection it helped me achieve with my Divine Self. I used to work hard at trying to get to this level in the past and since taking SPF I feel that I just naturally progressed, without resistance, to the place where it is meant to be. I feel truly blessed and am embracing my new freedom and heightened sense of awareness. It is giving me such joy. Thank you for your wonderful gift and passion. You are a talented and beautiful soul. I will definitely recommend this class to others.” – DR, massage therapist

“I’ve known for a long time that something wasn’t “quite right” with me. I’ve read a lot of books and have done some soul-searching but I never could really identify what was going on.  You really helped me clarify the problems and gave me the tools I need to find solutions. Each week created at least one “light bulb moment”, whether it was something that came to light in my own search for more peace and serenity, or something I learned from a classmate. You provided a safe, open, and honest environment, where we were all free to express our doubts and concerns, and comfortably question to understand what we were learning. I left each class with a sense of purpose and the realization that there are answers and I can implement solutions that will give me peace within myself. I’ve also gotten an arsenal of tools that help me in my work life in dealing with others as well as my personal life. I still have much to learn but what a blessing to have found the key to the solutions for me.” – BC, Marketing Manager

“This class has supported my 12-Step program by helping me cultivate a conscious contact with God that is deeper than ever before. I am experiencing a stronger recovery in all areas of my life, and I feel amazed by the huge benefits I have gained from using the tools of the class, especially the guided meditations. I have reached a whole new level – I am consciously slowing down the machinations of my life and am taking much better care of myself with greater ease. I am connecting with an inner wisdom that I now see has always been there. I definitely have more serenity, power, and freedom.” – DP, Restaurant Manager

“For more than 5 years, I had been feeling stuck in a frenetic career I no longer enjoyed, demanding relationships I had outgrown, and ongoing health issues brought on by stress that were wreaking havoc on my life. Serenity, Power and Freedom helped me see that, instead of being true to myself, I was reacting to and being influenced by others. With Patty’s instruction, techniques and tools, I learned to quiet the critical voice inside me that masked my authentic self and instead receive grace and tap into the powerful force of my own potential. The renewal of spirit and sense of inner peace has been truly powerful and life changing. Not only have I reconnected with my true passions, but I have also begun to feel more balanced and inspired in my life’s journey. As a result, I’ve been attracting new people and career opportunities into my life that are more aligned with who I am. Patty’s SPF class is a must for anyone who wishes to connect spiritually and harness the power of their own gifts to live a more free and peaceful life.” – LT, Marketing Executive

“My therapist recommended SPF as a way of helping me with my anxiety. I not only really enjoyed the class, but I feel surprised by how much better I feel. My anxiety is so much lower that I have significantly reduced my need to self-medicate. I feel more confident, and I am doing better at getting my needs met and taking good care of myself.  I have also learned how to stay centered and I have a better sense of direction. I don’t get knocked off balance by things that happen in my life like I did before because I have a stronger inner compass. This is helping me a build my leadership skills at work because I am not as upset by other’s behaviors and judgments, and I handle change better. I got so much out of SPF that I’m taking the follow-up class.” – JM, Corporate Trainer

“I realized that what is in my head and how I’m doing in life are two different things. I’m still a bit chaotic in my thinking, a little obsessive and wanting to act out, but I find that I’m not acting on that like I did before. This is new for me. Now I can have a dialogue with myself about why I feel so uncomfortable and that helps me find more inner peace and take actions that are aligned with that new strength. I am now more observant of my inner crazies, which allows my higher self to be more in control.” – AG, Events Manager

“I am more at peace. I have a lot of adversity going on in my life right now, but I am sailing through it like I’ve never done before. I am accepting of the current situation and I have patience and faith to move through it. When I do have moments of impatience, I am able to settle myself back down pretty quickly. Yes, there are things that I am still working on, but I feel as though I have changed a great deal during this class. I am doing things now that I would never have done before, all good things. I’m used to doing bad stuff – because I didn’t have the self confidence, strength, serenity or power. Now I’m doing the good things for myself – freely, easily, and enjoying it.” – KL, Healthcare Consultant

“I have gone through most of my life with a knot in my stomach , a crushing fear of losing everything, being homeless, and being alone. That’s gone. The thought of having no money and being alone and homeless no longer scares me. Now it feels like the opposite. I can see that my attachments were causing my anxiety, and I have a new-found freedom now that they aren’t running the show. Your class gave me a new reference point for living a powerful life and easy ways to get there much more quickly than I normally do. I have a sense of inner strength that I’ve never experienced before.” – CG, Business Owner

“This class gave me what I’ve been hungry for. I had been looking for ways to get more peace, tranquility, clarity and gratitude for a long time. I wanted to live a more spiritual life but I didn’t know how. It felt as though I was driving at night down the wrong road with my headlights off. The SPF class helped me shine a bright light on a whole new path that has given me tools for living more powerfully. I have more control over negativity, I have more choice around my feelings and actions, and I have a much better handle on my life. I feel alive for the first time in a long time, and while I still have work to do, I know I’m firmly on the right path now, and it has been easier than I ever expected.” – BT, lawyer

“As a therapist who took this course for her own personal growth, I saw the potential benefits for my clients from the outset.  The spiritual content and framework set forth by Patty compliments therapeutic work and could create shifts for clients who are stuck in victim-thinking, stuck in general, or provide clarity on meaning/purpose in life. In addition, I have found that my work with clients deepened and has been enriched by the experience.” – Melissa Beddingfield, LPC

“I took the class at the suggestion of my therapist. I was going through a divorce and feeling scared and unsettled. During the program, I found a strength inside me that I didn’t know I had. I was able to stand up to my difficult ex-husband in ways I had never been able to before. I set boundaries and took care of myself from a place of power, and I feel good about a future I had once been afraid of.” – EL, student

“The SPF class had a profound, personal, and positive effect on my life. It gave me clarity and purpose, and a wonderful new perspective that has brought a lot of peace and understanding to my hectic world. Words can’t express the enlightenment, support, and guidance I received. I’m so glad I found it.” – NH, executive for non-profit

“For me, this was an amazing class. It helped me to become more aware of my emotional reactions and gave me the ability to respond differently. My life is less chaotic now, and I continue to get better at releasing negative thoughts instead of holding onto them and reacting to them. I am making better, more thought-out, and more comforting decisions for myself. The meditations were helpful and calming, and the class was very thorough, detailed and interactive. I strongly feel that everyone should experience this!” – JM, Realtor

“I took this class because I wanted more serenity in my life. I was looking for tools to help me reduce my worrying and anxiety, and I got way more than I expected. The class provided a wealth of information on new ways to view myself and my life, and Patty framed it all in a way that really clicked for me. I am now able to connect with my soul’s intuition and feel as though I’m really thriving instead of just living day to day. I was concerned about the spirituality aspect of the class, but found that this was the most helpful part of my experience – I have gained a spiritual connection that has grounded me and made me even more confident that I was before. It has given me a freedom that I never expected. Patty’s SPF class took me on quantum leaps!” – KF, Researcher

“The class gave me a new perspective, new ways to look at myself, spirituality, and life that have helped me to be a stronger person. I feel more confident and free to be myself.” – AB, Human Resources Professional

“The course helped to slowly thaw out parts of myself that I had kept in the deep freeze for years. With gentleness and humor, Patty helped me reconnect with a sense of hope and joy about my spiritual journey. The insights I gained in this course will be with me for years.” – CC, Graphic Designer

“I took the SPF class not really knowing what to expect, but thinking “who couldn’t use more Serenity, Power and Freedom in their life?!”  Now that I’m on the other side of the class, I’m so deeply glad that I stumbled into it. What I took from the series was a better knowing of my thoughts and patterns, and how to distinguish what is empowering for me and my life, and what is non-working noise.  Of all the bible classes, sermons and study groups I have been a part of over the years, these “lessons” while challenging me, resonated more than my other classes combined. Thank you Patty!” – DM, Professional Mom

“It was refreshing and helpful to learn how life can get so out of alignment with God’s will for me. The simple way in which Patty was able to demonstrate how this misalignment so easily happens was groundbreaking for me. I saw how my personal will takes over when I have doubts about my past, present and future, and I saw how empowering my spiritual being to be in charge allows me to be clearer about God’s will for me. This is a much simpler and applicable concept now. I have been more clear, confident and courageous since taking the class. Thank you, Patty, for making things so easy to understand.” – KW, Business Owner

“This class was a spiritual journey like I had never experienced before. I already had a concept of God that was aligned with my Protestant upbringing. Thanks to Patty, I came to experience a much deeper meaning of spirituality and how truly connected I am with my Higher Power, myself and those around me. It did not take away the God of my religion, it expanded my relationship with Him, with myself and with humanity in a wonderful way.  From a 12-Step perspective, it helped me to recognize my Higher Power in ways that have helped me curb the compulsive behaviors that have been detouring me from true sobriety.” – AP, SVP Banking Industry

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