If you think life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, I have news for you.

There is a way to discover:

  1. Life purpose
  2. Life lessons
  3. Strengths and gifts
  4. Your power place
  5. Your personality’s blueprint

Based on your natal astrology chart, the Soul Profile helps you discover not only the origins and basis of your consciousness but also a road map for the flow of continued growth in your life. Thousands of years ago the Oracle of Delphi stated “man know thyself.” This Soul Profile provides the guidelines for developing that “knowing.”

Clients report that they come away with more clarity and understanding of who they are and why they do what they do as well as more direction for what’s next in life and career. Most find they feel more hopeful, relieved of worry, and more settled in their sense of knowing who they are.

Cost: $150 includes the profile and an 1.5 hour session for reviewing it, or $200 for a 2.0 hour session.

Needed: birth date, birth time (exact is best), and birth city/state.

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