A Path to Non-violence

Every time I look at the news, I see so much violence. On our streets, in our homes, across the globe. War, murder, rioting, and more. We live in very chaotic times, unfortunately. But if you ask around, most would agree that we all want the same thing: peace, brotherhood, love. Why, then, are we not creating that?

Consider this: what we see in the world are but outward symbols of the personal battles that rage within. And those battles within are what perpetrate the violence without. Here are some examples. Are you experiencing any of them?


Fear – violence against freedom, cooperation, faith

Lying, deception – violence against truth, and trust

Selfishness, greed – violence against others

Hatred, anger, pride, intolerance – violence against love

Need for approval – violence against self, self-certainty

Shame, guilt, self-loathing – violence against self-acceptance, individuality


We cannot have a safe and happy world if we are at war with ourselves.

A quote: “[Spiritual awareness] must not be clouded by violence, neither external or internal. People often deplore cruelty, yet they are cruel to themselves. Such cruelty is worst of all.” (Brotherhood, 206)

As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” What can you do to STOP the violence…. within?