Taming The Beast

Wonder why you get so crazy sometimes? Overwhelmed, pissed off, hyped up, shut down, out of control? Emotionally reactive, self doubting, insecure, over-eating-drinking-spending-whatever? Guess what. It’s not your fault. But it IS your responsibility.

We come into this lifetime with a consciousness that’s been programmed through countless experiences in a multitude of prior lives. That programming runs deeeeeeep, and gets reinforced by experiences in this lifetime. Our job now is to be conscious enough to move that mountain, to get ourselves headed in a more powerful and positive direction. It takes awareness, discipline, and lots of practice.

A good analogy is the example of a dog rescued from the pound. You take this dog home with the intent to love it and give it a great life. But because it was mistreated and abandoned, it has some anxiety and negative behaviors. Things don’t go so well at first. The dog proceeds to destroy your furniture, preferring to chew on the couch rather than lie on it. It doesn’t know that what it’s doing is wrong, but you know better. What do you do?? Try to figure out how it got that way? Or try to tame it?

Right answer: tame it. You have to work at showing your new pet (consciousness) the right way to live.

The holidays are a time of year when our unruly beasts come out because there are a lot more triggers than usual. So, as you go through this season, observe your crazies. Name them, describe them, and learn to tame them. This is a great way to end this year powerfully and start the new one on a whole new trajectory.

Three aspects to taming the beast:

  1. Discipline. There’s a reason we have a brain and a conscious mind: so we can think about and bring about changes in our consciousness. You have choices in how you behave; it’s up to you to retrain, reprogram.
  2. Meditation. Over time, daily practice will help shift distorted patterns using the unconscious mind.
  3. Perspective. Without the proper outlook on life, you can’t go very far. Improper perspective is what creates the beast in the first place. In order to tame it, you have to change your way of thinking. If you’re experiencing challenges in life, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it simply means there’s more to learn.


A balance of all three aspects is the most effective and brings about the best and lasting results.


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