Forward or Backward

Abraham Maslov once said, “One can choose to go backward toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” We are connected with a Higher Power that is itself moving forward, constantly growing and evolving. Because of that, our souls are moved forward as […]

A Path to Non-violence

Every time I look at the news, I see so much violence. On our streets, in our homes, across the globe. War, murder, rioting, and more. We live in very chaotic times, unfortunately. But if you ask around, most would agree that we all want the same thing: peace, brotherhood, love. Why, then, are we […]


There is a difference between emotional needs and spiritual (soul) needs. Sometimes they are aligned with each other, but more often than not, they are in conflict. Emotional needs are things like: comfort, security, peace, connection, approval, accomplishment Soul needs are things like: growth, self-expression, making a difference for others We are human beings, so […]