Distractions, Resistance

I came across a great quote recently.

“When you are interested in something you do what’s convenient, when you are committed to something, you do whatever it takes”.

What a great reminder! How many times do we think we’re committed to find that really we are only just interested? And what is there to do if we want to be committed but are having a hard time with it?

Two things: 1) watch your resistance and 2) overcome the distractions.

Especially when committing oneself to a spiritual program, it is important to remember that the psyche has a tendency to resist change because it knows it is going to have to give up its stronghold. Spiritual growth is about developing consciousness, so your ego/personality will fight that. It will create distractions to try to pull you away, such as not liking the program or the meditations, and finding reasons for work or family things to get in the way, to keep you from meditating and staying with your program. If you want to grow your soul, consciousness, awareness, you may have to fight for it. Feel the distractions (resistance) and do it anyway.