Being Bazooka-Proof is about as free as one human being can get: total and complete freedom, confidence, solidity of character, full self-realization, individuation, and an inner peace that can’t be shaken.

This state of being comes from the Higher Self, that part of us that knows who we are, our purpose and our place in the world. It is the part that is connected with Spirit/Divinity/God, whatever you call that power greater than our human selves. It is a place of knowing and of true faith.

In BP-land, we stay calm and solid, no matter what happens in life. We are not dependent on others' approval, moods, or behavior. We are not even impacted by our own negative thoughts and bad feelings. In fact, we hardly have them.

When BP, we do the right thing – even if we don’t feel like it, even if it hurts, and no matter the consequences. We don’t worry about things that are beyond our control, and we live in a state of detachment – not attached to outcomes, people, places or things. We thrive amidst the craziness and unrest that surrounds us. We are not controlled by fear, shame, guilt, obligation, or other such influences. We are free to live life on life’s terms.

Two perfect stories of what it is to be Bazooka-Proof are found in Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. “Is that so” can be found on p199 and “I don’t mind what happens” is on p198. Highly recommended reading.

Becoming Bazooka-Proof is a process that requires awareness, persistence and determination. I hope you will choose to seek it for yourself.