Fear vs Freedom

Sometimes life is really complicated, in this case it’s really simple. When it all boils down, you have two choices in life: fear or freedom.

Fear comes from a couple of places: 1) our animal, instinctual nature and 2) our inner distortions aka the false self. Freedom comes from knowing who we really are, including our connection with Spirit.

Some fear is natural and necessary – it tells us when we’re in danger. That one we must learn to pay attention to. Most fear is based in false perceptions about life and others, and that one we must learn to ignore. And pay attention to. Yes, being aware of the internal cause of inappropriate fear can show you where your growth opportunity lies. It is a rich source of soul food – information that helps you strengthen so that you can move from fear to freedom.

The Awareness Approach to life is to keep checking in with yourself and asking, “In this moment, am I feeling fear or freedom?” If you’re not feeling free – to choose, speak up for yourself, do what you need or want to do, or be OK with things exactly the way they are – then you’re in a state of fear. Remember, there are only two choices, and only one at a time. Both cannot co-exist.

As soon as you identify “not freedom,” look to see if you can name the fear. Many people are so accustomed to “not freedom” that they’re not even aware of their fear. Aware or not, keep looking. The more you see and name your fears and the more you explore where they came from and why they’re running, the sooner you see what the next right thing is to do, and you release yourself from your inner prison. You can set yourself free!