New Book

My New Book is Here!

The Gospel of Matthew: Its Mystical Interpretation and Messages

by Shirley Chambers and Patty Binns Farinola


Exciting news! My new book has been published. I have been focused on writing and preparing this book for publication for some time now, though I will add that I have spent the better part of my life preparing to write it. It is a culmination of my spiritual journey and I feel excited to share it with you.

This is not a typical interpretation of the Bible. The excerpts below will give you a sense of this.


From the Introduction. pages 2-3:

The esoteric interpretation applied in this book takes the literal into account and also perceives the deeper symbology within the texts which give them much more meaning. This provides the ability to go beyond an intellectual understanding of God and God’s messages. By esoteric we mean inner, something not seen directly because it is private, hidden, obscure, mysterious. Being mysterious, esoteric can also be referred to as mystical. Thus, the terms esoteric, mystical, and spiritual will be used interchangeably.

To give an example of the difference between esoteric and traditional interpretations, let us look at the parable of the fig tree found in Matthew 21:18-22 and Mark 11:12-25. The story of Jesus cursing the fig tree can make him seem like a rather unfriendly person. The traditional explanation is that Jesus caused the tree to die as a show of his authority over nature. Later this parable was seen as indicating Jesus’ assessment of the decline of the Jewish nation and/or the end of the exclusive covenant between God and the Jews. While both of these may have validity, there is yet another interpretation to consider.

From the mystical perspective, the fig tree represents us and our potential to develop spiritual principles, the fruit. What is important to remember is that every tree is in charge of its own growth. Jesus did not make the fig tree die; the fig tree had a choice. So, in effect the fig tree cursed itself. Jesus was just validating the curse.

If you said that a tree was dying because you could see that it did not have leaves or fruit anymore, are you cursing it? Or are you simply describing what is happening to it? The mystical interpretation of this story is that Jesus was indicating that if we do not develop the principles of divinity within ourselves, the fruit of our inner trees, our spirits will wither and die. In this way, we curse ourselves.

The parable of the fig tree is just one example of the many messages the gospels have to offer. Through this book and others in this series, we hope to provide a new understanding of the teachings that came forward from Jesus that allows for greater comprehension of those teachings and the ability to apply them to life.


From the back cover:

What makes this book unique is the application of the Tree of Life to the meaning and messages of the Gospel of Matthew. Trees are mentioned throughout the Bible, from the first chapter in Genesis to the last chapter in Revelation. That is how important this image is. The Tree of Life is a powerful archetype, brought forward through the ages, that is a symbolic representation of consciousness. Using the Tree to interpret the Gospel of Matthew, this book is about consciousness, and the ways in which we can rise to a whole new level of awareness.


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