BE The Change

[[Warning! This is not a warm and fuzzy post. There will be some of you who don’t like what I have to say. I understand. For the rest of you, I hope to inspire. It’s time to get serious about ourselves.]]


It is impossible to ignore the upheaval that is plaguing our country right now. To heal, we must each take responsibility for our role in the current state of affairs. Then, we must BE the change we wish to see in the world. There is no other way.

To paraphrase the words of Michael Jackson, “look at the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways.”

Consider that both presidential candidates, as well as our current social, political, earthly, and economic conditions, are our mirrors. Can you see the changes we are asking ourselves to make? Instead of blaming others for the condition we are in, turn your outrage into an inward journey. Examine the issues that disturb you the most, and look to see how you, too, are doing the very same thing.

Then, BE The Change.

Below are criticisms lobbed at each of the presidential candidates, as examples to get you going and to make my point. They may not all apply to you, but all are important to explore. Warning: this may be hard to do.

Dishonesty – where are you not telling yourself the truth? This one is really tricky, because when we lie to ourselves it is usually done in unawareness.  But lie we do, so be on the lookout. Unawareness itself is a lie to our spirit. Time to open our eyes in new ways.

More examples: when was the last time you said “yes” when you meant “no” or “everything is fine” when it wasn’t? Is there something you have not communicated that needs to be said, such as a boundary you need to set or a mistake you need to make right? Withholding is deceitful, too. And last, obviously, are you 100% honest with other people? Even little white lies are problematic.

Corruption – unethical conduct, misuse of power – In what ways are you taking advantage of something or someone, or bending/breaking the rules, or manipulating the system to suit your purposes? Such as: speeding, texting while driving, taking office supplies from work for personal use, cutting in line, hoarding food at the buffet (not sharing), fudging on an expense report, asking others to live up to standards that you yourself are not willing to live.

Also, is there something you are so singly focused on that you hurt, neglect, or avoid your spirit, other people, or the Greater Good? Such as: your looks, health, hobbies, the next promotion, making money, or gaining approval? What untoward behaviors you are denying or rationalizing?

Remember, when there is one finger pointing out at another, there are always three pointing back at you.

Bigotry – How often do you criticize others for being different, without gaining an appreciation of their perspective? How often do you do that to yourself?

Misogyny – Women: every time you loathe yourself or your body, you are the misogynist. Every time you become catty, antagonistic, or hurtfully competitive with another woman, you are the misogynist. Men: when you suppress your feminine side (feelings, receptivity, compassion, for example), and whenever you take advantage of, dismiss, or demean a woman, you are the misogynist. True, there are degrees, but as with all of these examples, we must look for subtle patterns that get us in trouble with our spiritual integrity, that accumulate into a much bigger issue in the collective.

Bullying – You know that critical voice in your head that reminds you how bad, ugly, unlovable, not good enough, stupid, or ________ you are? Stop it!! Begin the anti-bullying campaign right now by learning to be good to yourself, to stop beating yourself up. Then, quit thinking bad thoughts about other people, even the guy who cuts you off in traffic. Not easy, but necessary. Every time we think bad thoughts and feel bad feelings about ourselves and others, we feed the collective anger and make it stronger.

As you can imagine, this unfortunate and ugly list could be longer and deeper. Much. We must keep In mind that life is a reflection of who we are, both individually and collectively. That includes the people we elect as our officials, and that includes the state of the union itself.

Until we are willing to take a good, hard, searching and fearless and brutally honest personal inventory of the ways in which we hurt ourselves and each other, we cannot make America great again, and we cannot be stronger together.

The global transformation we are crying out for will only happen when we each take personal responsibility for creating Heaven on Earth. It is my hope that we rise to this challenge.


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