Help and Hope in Hazardous Times

Have you ever reorganized a closet or done some serious spring cleaning? Then you know that things get messy before they get better. Well, I think that’s what’s going on in the world today, and this isn’t a small re-org that’s happening. Life is pretty crazy, and many of us are being affected.

Here are some things to think about, some suggestions for staying grounded. This is my offering of “help and hope in these hazardous times.”
1. Stay focused on the future
Just as winter turns to spring, we can be assured that there are better times ahead. When? Who knows. But what if our willingness, as a collective, to imagine a brighter future brings it to us all the more quickly?
Our thoughts are very powerful, more powerful than ever before. I regularly hear from clients who say, “I had this thought one day, and the next day it happened!” Energy follows thought. This is a time to be certain yours are positive.
Consider: what does your SOUL want to create? How can you, the unique contribution that you are, make the world a better place? There are lessons to learn from our current state of affairs: what’s more important – love or money? Spirit or Ego? Have you sold out on yourself in any way? Do you know what your purpose is? Now is the opportunity for new discoveries, for YOU discoveries.
2. Avoid getting pulled into the fear conversation
As hard as this may be to do, it is important to remember that fear is a past-based conversation in which there is no faith, no trust in a Higher Power, no vision for a new tomorrow. We all go there, and we have a choice how long we wallow.
One way to stay out of fear is to be sure not to take things personally, whatever is happening. Use current events to help you think outside the box of your normal paradigm. This is your opportunity to build strength and create anew. Blame and resentment are fear-based reactions; it is tempting to point fingers as a way of trying to feel better. It doesn’t work, it’s temporary, and it thwarts viable solutions. Instead, ask yourself what options you have and what actions you can take to move forward. Action is a powerful antidote. 

Another way to stay clear is to minimize exposure to the media and negative people. Bad news just begets bad feelings, which begets more bad events. Limit the amount of news you watch and gossip you listen to, as these can be addictive. Turn intentionally to soul-nourishing things.

3. Let yourself be vulnerable
One thing that happens when the world around us starts to crumble is a feeling of vulnerability. This is good! It’s the healthy side of the fear reaction. Authentic vulnerability creates space for more powerful connections with others, deeper love, intuition, and new-found clarity. That is part of the lesson this strange era is providing for us. When you have nothing to lose, everything is possible. Learn to embrace discomfort and it will be your teacher.
4. Have compassion and appreciation
Many are in survival mode, if not physically then spiritually, which makes even the best of us act, well, not very nice. Companies are in survival mode, too. I often hear about bosses who bully their way around, strong-arming their staff into results, and layoffs have become the norm. The corporate world can be quite unfriendly. So, be gentle with yourself and others. Have compassion for what people are going through, appreciate what you have and those you love, and be sure to include yourself in that equation. This doesn’t mean you condone inappropriate behavior; it does mean you detach by staying heart-centered.
5. Strengthen the bonds of faith and community
Faith is the foundation for inner strength. When things “out there” get chaotic, go within to find power, truth, and beauty. Additionally, relationships are even more important now. Choose quality over quantity.

6. Let go of the old to make room for the new
The universe is forcing us to let go. So much of what is happening is beyond our control, and yet there is still a lot we can control. Two key steps to take: Simplify, and nurture your creativity. Simplifying will help create the space for something new to come in to your life, and being in a creative space will teach you to be more intuitive so that you can be guided to what is right and next for you.
7. Take one day at a time
In the dead of winter, the plant kingdom goes to sleep. There is seemingly no activity on the surface, but there is below-the-surface growth and repair. We can learn from our fellow earth inhabitants. Slow down and re-group. Remember to breathe a lot, rest, repair, and grow, and take one day at a time. Out of chaos comes order, out of darkness comes light, out of winter comes spring. That we can count on!