Do you have the experience of time flying, of having less time to do what there is to do? Have you felt a sense of unexplained anxiety or sadness recently? Are you experiencing unusual physical aches and pains, or heart palpitations? You’re not alone.

I was talking to a colleague recently, discussing how different this year has felt. When I asked how he would articulate what the difference was, he said one word, “destabilization.” That hit the nail on the head. I see this in my own life, and with friends and clients. Life has destabilized. Do you feel it too? Even for those whose lives look the same, it doesn’t feel the same way it used to.

What we see externally, we are feeling internally. Uncertain economies, global environmental disruptions (earthquakes, volcanoes, major storms), war in Ukraine and Middle East, ebola. A lot of scary upheaval. Internally, this leads to fear, uncertainty about the future, a general, unnamed anxiety, and distractions that keep knocking us of our intended paths.

What not to do
Go south: self pity will only make things worse. Don’t give into the fear.
Go north: trying harder reinforces old ways.

What to do
Go inward: pray, meditate, get balanced/heart-centered, deepen your faith, seek spiritual support.
Go forward: time to grow. Out of chaos comes order – a new order is emerging, a new future being born.

Just as the body, intellect, and emotional IQ grow from infant to adult, so must spiritual consciousness grow. God, the universe, is in constant motion, continually evolving. This causes destabilization. The only antidote is to grow and evolve with it.