The Gift of Life

I just read this quote. Had to post it.

In view of the fact that a potential of beautiful energy has been given to each person, it is difficult to conceive how contrarily people have dealt with this great gift.” –M. Morya

Life, our beautiful energy, is such a gift! I think sometimes we forget that. In the hustle-bustle of modern living, it is so easy to take our life/energy for granted. How are you using yours? Do you live in such a way that the world is a better place because you are in it? Or not?

This does not mean that you have to be happy or perfect all the time. It does ask you to look to see: are you making the most of who you are, learning and growing from your experiences, contributing strength and wisdom and beauty to the world around you? Are you embracing your life's journey with acceptance and power? Are you a caring, appreciative, and careful guardian of your life energy, including your conscious awareness? Do you share your light and love with others?

If flowers didn't bloom, the world would be a dreary place. This quote reminds me that life is the opportunity to bloom, and that we have a responsibility to make sure that happens.