Just had to say that things with my new guy are progressing beautifully. He is romantic, respectful, attentive, funny, and really cute. He is the whole enchilada for me! What I find most remarkable is just seeing that GUYS LIKE THIS REALLY DO EXIST! Men who really long for a partner and are ready to show up fully when he finds her.

There is absolutely no way I would have met this person and gotten to this point without the work that we’re doing in this group. These skills we’re learning are so helpful. I think getting out there in the dating world is kind of like being an athlete. There’s an awful lot of work that goes into it. You have to treat yourself well. You have to reconnect with your vision on a regular basis. You have to suit up and practice a lot. It can be a pain in the you-know-what doing all of these things, especially when you’re tired and you just feel like eating Fritos on the couch. But, all it takes is ONE connection to make all of that work so completely worth it. I am saying this as someone who’d given up on the possibility of ever meeting someone THIS fantastic. — Carissa

I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful opportunity and growth experience this past weekend. You provided me with the opportunity to actually grieve my loss, something I had not truly allowed myself to do. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of me. This seminar came at just the right time for me. I love my husband, but I cannot grow and change and discover my own strengths and self love if we are together. Who knows what life holds for me, but this separation is essential for my self-discovery. Thank you so much for your strength, guidance, love, and honesty. You have made a profound difference in my life and given me the tools to continue to make that difference for myself.Kate (32)

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I have found my soul mate…no kidding! We are planning to get married and are very, very happy. It’s amazing how all of the things you incorporated into your class are coming to fruition with this relationship! I think it’s part bringing your best self forward and letting go of insecurities but also frankly, just being with the right person who simply loves you for who you are. I’ve found that with my new guy and continue to find that on a daily basis. I’m letting myself be loved! Thanks, Patty! — Stephanie (33)

Patty:  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the first session on Wednesday.  It is like I had an “ahhh-ha” moment in the way you explained things.  It is great to look at a “diamond” in a different, clearer light.  It is an empowering feeling to take the responsibility that I have played in my life. I look forward to learning what to do with the information that I have learned.  Thank you for opening yourself up to sharing your knowledge with others. — Alicia


From workshop evaluations – no name attached

“The class has opened me up to the possibility that change is REAL. I can go after my heart’s desire!”

“I now see men as playful, safe, and out to give me the love that I want.”

“I wish the class were longer! I didn’t want it to end. You created a space of safety and provided the nurturing and guidance I needed to see myself more clearly and begin to make big changes.”

“You helped me root out issues that are still roadblocks to a successful relationship”

“Your class made me aware of the constraints I build around loving men to keep myself from being vulnerable. I feel a layer came off – I’m more open and willing to get into a relationship. You were gentle, and I learned a lot. I loved the class. I feel hopeful!”

“The class provided easy, simple tools. Ways to identify an issue and feel it, and then more importantly how to deal with it. This makes everything doable and obtainable. It stripped away the self-imposed obstacles. You learned from your pain and your search for the right one, and it helps not only yourself but many others. Thank you. Patty, you are a wonder-worker!”

“This class has helped me become more optimistic about my future relationships. It has helped me become a stronger person. I have become more connected with family and friends and everyone in the group. I absolutely loved everything about the class! I just wish we had more sessions together.”

I enjoyed the honesty, openness and sincerity of everyone in the class. It made me feel better about myself knowing that there were other people around me that could relate, knowing that we could all help each other.”

“Patty, you are amazing! You truly have opened my eyes to new thoughts, adventures, ideas. I feel much stronger and more powerful. I had forgotten what it felt like to LOVE MYSELF. I found it again and it’s great!”

“This class helped me to recognize what I really want in a loving relationship. I thought I already knew! I also learned not to be discouraged when a relationship doesn’t work out.”

“I have increased my level of awareness of myself and my response/reactions to situations. You opened my eyes to the notion of continuing to explore why I do what I do – so I don’t keep falling into the same old patterns. I learned how to receive from others, and how my not doing so has interfered with my past loves.”

“This seminar enabled me to see and hear my conversations, attitudes and reactions towards men that I was previously unaware of. I am now deliberate and intentional about my love of men and my desire to be in relationship. I like the open format of your class, learning from others, the varied exercises, meditations and homework. I liked being able to share and to hear the sharing of the other women.”

“I liked the other women in my class because they were different ages, backgrounds and experiences.”

“I never realized how rigid I was in my thoughts about relationships and men! I see how closed and skeptical I’ve been. I feel much softer about me now, and I see that it is definitely possible for me to have my soulmate.”

“I learned that I had a belief about men being needy and how that connected to my dad. This is HUGE, and I doubt I would have seen this if not for this class. There was so much that I liked about your workshop – especially after watching The Secret… This is GREAT! POWERFUL!”

“You were a skillful leader. I really liked the class a lot and would recommend it. I loved and agree with your philosophy.”

“I saw my hidden agendas and how they hurt my chances for love. They’re no longer hidden! Being aware will definitely help me clear a path to my real soul-destiny.”

“I learned that if I take the time to work on myself and create the right environment, then and only then will I attract the right love.”

“You helped me see that I need to practice being with men, seeing the good in men, and changing my defensive, self-protective behavior. I gained greater insight on why my first marriage failed. I love the concept of Couple as a separate, sacred entity.”

“What did I learn? That I’m almost there! That I really am on the right path. It’s nice to know that, instead of wondering. I also learned that I have to trust that not everyone is going to leave.”

“This workshop has shown me that I am the obstacle to my dream of a successful relationship. I realize that my current relationship is with food, and so there is no room in my life for another ‘significant other’.”

“You got right to the point, no beating around the bush, and identified the difficult areas where I need to focus my work. Your class was a wealth of information, and I loved being with such a great group of women.”