Looking for something more?


Do you have a sense that there is more to life than you are experiencing right now? Are you looking for happiness but just can’t seem to find or keep  it? Do you sometimes experience an emptiness that won’t go away or a yearning for something that either you haven’t identified or you know what it is but can’t seem to make it happen?  


Many people are searching for something – happiness, love, success, peace – yet many have not found what they’re hoping for. That’s usually because they’re looking in the wrong places. We are often taught that external things will bring us fulfillment – new house, new job, new city, new lover, new book, new baby, new body. While these might make us feel better in the short run, they rarely have long-lasting effects.

Eventually, feelings of loneliness, emptiness, fear, anxiety and confusion creep back in again. Without a strong inner foundation, success and satisfaction are temporary. True peace, joy, love, abundance and freedom can only come from within. And achieving those things requires an inner journey  …  the journey of spirituality, the journey of AWARENESS.



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