The following assessment is designed to help you get a sense of where you on on your path to freedom, soul growth, and spiritual independence.

It is from  a book called Petitioning Reality with Faith: A Guide to Spiritual Independence by Bobby Drinnon.

On p87, Drinnon writes:

I have devised a series of questions that, if answered honestly, will help you see to what extent you have entrusted your life to the guiding principles of divine order. My only real concern is presenting this test is that some people will tend to answer the questions from a sense of what they believe the best answers are or that they will be unduly influenced by what other people have told them about themselves.

The questions should be answered in response to your core feelings. If you are not going to evaluate yourself honestly, you might as well take this book and throw it in the garbage. Just as the dieter sneaking food only hurts himself, so does the reader who resorts to self-deception on the following test. Remember: claiming weakness is the first sign of strength.

Answer the questions carefully, giving deliberate thought to each one. Choose the answer that best fits, even if it is not exactly as you might like to respond. When you have finished, your score will be sent to you via email, which you will be asked to provide at the bottom of the page.