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The Bodies

Continuing the conversation about fooling ourselves, it is important to remember: we are not our physical body, we are not our thinking, we are not our feelings. Sometimes we forget this. But to legitimately have serenity, power, and freedom in life, we must not only know this truth, we must live from it as well.… Continue Reading

We Fool Ourselves

When we don’t know who we really are, we are identified with a false sense of self. That false identity filters our experiences, thoughts, actions, etc. and gives us inaccurate feedback. Because of this, we see things incorrectly – not as they are, but as we want them to be – because we need to… Continue Reading


  “Being in relationship is like putting Miracle-Gro on your character defects.” Great quote, isn’t it? I heard it many years ago and still find it to be Oh.. So.. True. And, I think there is a good reason for this. If we are meant to be the biggest and best we can be, if… Continue Reading

Ice Cream Sundaes

You can’t have that ice cream sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top if you don’t have a bowl to put it in. That’s pretty obvious. What’s not so obvious is that this is true on many, many levels. Experience shows that most people who win the lottery jackpot tend to lose all… Continue Reading

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